Senior Seminars

The Glencoe Study Center, in its effort to motivate 12th graders, nurture their habits of scholarship, deepen their learning and self-knowledge, and equip them with the skills they will need to flourish in the world beyond high school offers a dynamic and engaging program called the Senior Seminar.  
Twelfth graders have arrived at a momentous transition that for all practical purposes marks the end of childhood.  The enormity of the change they are about to experience cannot be over emphasized. For many, this means moving beyond the familiar world of home, school, and community. For others, it may mean staying close to home, yet the rules of the game have changed. They are all about to enter an adult world that typically brings an end to life as they have known it.   
Despite the fact that many seniors may envision that they will be in college or in the workplace, the truth is they have virtually no clear idea of what that future landscape looks like. They can foresee only the dimmest outlines of where they will be living, what they will be doing, and with whom they will be interacting. This makes the senior year dramatically different and more challenging than any other previous school year.  Although the significance of this transition year might seem overwhelming, most 12th graders are ready to move forward when they have the appropriate support and guidance.  
Senior Seminar seeks to focus twelfth graders’ attention on the importance of the final year of high school and provide them with an opportunity to gain valuable perspectives and skills that will assist them to negotiate deliberately the inherent challenges that await them.


    • To sensitize seniors to the momentous changes occurring in their lives and encourage them to address them as opportunities to take action.
    • To help seniors acquire a deeper understanding of who they are with respect to their abilities, learning style(s), interests, beliefs, aspirations, and dreams.
    • To introduce seniors to effective approaches to goal setting and help them articulate both short and long term goals.
    • To assist seniors in identifying and practicing specific skills such as self-advocacy, inter-personal communication, problem-solving, conflict management, etc. that they will need as they prepare for life beyond high school.
    • To encourage seniors to identify the issues/ knowledge/information that they think are important to address in order to prepare for greater independent living.
    • To promote in participants the following developmental characteristics of late adolescence:

      Strong desire for increased independence 
      Interest in developing skills connected with independent living  
      Concern for the future and one’s role in life 
      Interest in identifying career paths 
      Desire to explore personal interests and develop relevant skills 
      Sense of identity and voice 
      Concern for others/connection to community 
      Ability to set goals and follow through 
      Capacity for constructive risk-taking 


The seminar is an interactive workshop that features a variety of strategies for engaged learning such as multi-media presentations, lively discussions, small and large group activities, individual reflection, creative writing, role playing, etc. The facilitators endeavor to provide a safe and trusting environment in which all participants can feel comfortable in exploring the topics addressed in a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie.  
Senior Seminar are typically conducted over three sessions, each approximately an hour in length. However, depending on the time allotted the workshop can be modified to suit the specific needs and availability of the participants. 
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