Dr. Robert S. Boone

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Robert Boone


has been a teacher since 1964. In 1979 he left formal teaching to start the Glencoe Study Center. In 1991 in stated Young Chicago Authors, a program for city students who like to write. This is now considered one of the premier youth programs in the city. Last year, Mr. Boone accepted received an award from Michelle Obama at the White House. Mr. Boone has written a baseball biography, a memoir, and several text books.

Janice Dreis and Larry Rehage


Janice Dreis and Larry Rehage

are veteran educators, who were for fifteen years co-directors of an advisement guidance program for seniors at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois. They have presented frequently at national conferences and have consulted with schools across the country on approaches to rethinking the senior year of high school. The National Association for Experiential Education named Janice and Larry the K-12 Experiential Education Leaders of the Year for 2005.

They have authored articles with Educational Leadership and Principals Leadership and published their book Making the 12th Grade Meaningfu (2008) with the International Center for Leadership in Education.